Cooperativa Santísimo Cristo del Humilladero

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      The Santísimo Cristo del Humilladero Cooperative was born in Medina de las Torres in April 1958, and is currently made up of more than 230 members, from the town and the entire Zafra-Río Bodíon region.

     Its production, of oil, is made up mainly of the Gordal and Manzanillas varieties, coming from the lands irrigated by the Bodión River and the Valle, Palancares or Prado streams.

     They are rainfed crops that see their splendor from the month of October, lands that due to their edaphoclimatic variety are harvested later than in the rest of Spain, thus granting a unique flavor and unbeatable qualities

The Romans elevated oil to the category of gods, Contributa Iulia paid tribute to the delicacy worthy of emperors, Apollo (God of the Sun) pampered his crops and took care of his sacred elixir.

Throughout its history, the sun has tanned the hands that have cared for these lands and that in April 1958 decided to join this Santísimo Cristo del Humilladero Cooperative, committed to the past but even more so to the future, olive growers from Medina de las Torres but also from their region took a step forward to produce this olive oil.

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